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Solutions For Any Environment


Simply energize your store or any commercial environment with our plug-and-play systems. Our lighting products and modular power systems are easy to use, aesthetic and safe. From creating your specific electrical plan to installation of our manufactured products, we can provide significant efficiency with your power needs.

The wide range of power distribution components allows you to connect all products from Boston Group in the easiest and most cost-effective way. All components are certified and can be connected and disconnected even under load.

Fastlane Total Store

Flexible, Safe and Certified

Boston’s FastLane® modular wiring solutions are cost-effective ‘Plug & Play’ wiring methods that carry power and voice/data from electrical and computer patch panels to your selling floor.

Our Fastlane® wiring solutions are custom designed and configured to meet your specific needs while still allowing for a 100% functional, pre-tested modular installation.
The system arrives ‘as-designed’ to eliminate hard wiring and ‘on-the-fly design’ common with traditional methods. Save installation time and labor costs with quick, reliable connections from the switch gear to point-of-use.

Our total end to end solution of product and service provides power to all areas of a store: lighting/refrigeration/POS/Service areas.

Currently installed in thousands of retail locations across US, Canada and Mexico.

Power Poles

Boston Group offers a wide range of PowerPole product solutions that fulfill any power/voice and data distribtion needs with UL compliant, reliable ‘plug & play’ connectors.


Modular, Custom-made, Certified

Boston PowerTrackTM offers a simple solution for displaying powered fixtures. With a variety of channel lengths and receptacle spacing options, Boston PowerTrackTM can easily be configured to meet your specific display needs. Boston PowerTrackTM is the core electrical element of all Boston Wall, Rack & Gondola Mounted Lighting Displays, Clouds, and more.


  • 30 cm and 45 cm on-center receptacle spacing for maximum merchandising density
  • Pre-tested and ready to install with easy-to-follow installation instructions
  • UL and cUL listed assemblies made with high quality standards
  • KEMA certified and 120V, 20A rated assemblies
  • Accomodates lights and fans up to 22.5 kg each; maximum of 45 kg distributed over 1.8 m
  • Larger light fixtures can be supported directly from a structural ceiling with a custom Boston design

Versa Panel

Flexible, Durable, Certified

Boston’s VersaPanel® is a versatile merchandising system that powers and displays lighting fixtures. Standard or custom finished face plates include the possibility for power access every 5 cm, both horizontally and vertically:


  • Integrate into millwork and architectural décor. With a narrow profile, it’s perfect for fitting into your design schemes
  • Over 150 powder coat colour options. Meet your visual goals
  • Connect in a series electronically and structurally. Multi-panel assemblies can be fed by a single branch circuit
  • Minimal installation and set-up. Decrease installation down time for re-merchandising
  • Adaptable to FastLane® modular wiring systems. Reduce installation time and increase safety and reliability


(Europe only)

MainLine® is a track based power supply system with outlets, which can be easily removed, added and repositioned.
Ideal for retail outlets, workshops, laboratories and
residential properties.

  • Power loading depending on local specifications (loads per electrical circuit)
  • Same track for every country
  • Sockets available per country specifications (D, F, UK, AUS etc.)

Boston LED GX

(Europe Only)

T8 Tubes (IP67) & Spot, Connection cables and Components for rack, shelf and display lighting.
GX LED spots can be mounted on surface or recessed.


  • Safe heavy-duty Male-Female connectors
  • T8 Tubes are IP65 rated
  • You can connect a minimum of 30 up to 100pcs in series, this reduces the need of power leads
  • Various fixing components available for all kinds of racking / displays to meet customer requirements for installing the T8 tubes

Certification & Compliance

Every product we make adheres to strict third party national safety standards for mechanical, electrical and environmental compliance.

Integrated Power Applications

Fastlane Plug N Play systems provides power to all areas of store.

Structural Overhead Power Grid Integrates Electrical and Mechanical elements to support the operations of a store

Powered fixture (VersaPanel®) that allows display and illumination

Let our design, engineering and manufacturing experts help invigorate your environment

Boston Group, founded in 1937, offers the very latest in design and manufacturing to turn your projects around quickly from concept to finished solutions.

Integrated Solutions Philosophy

Boston Group designs and manufactures fixtures that bundle a variety of core materials (metal, wood, plastic, power, lighting and technology) into a modular design that allows seamless integration into any environment.
Ingenuity Applied!

Cutting edge capabilities

To stay competitive, Boston Group continuously invests in its manufacturing capabilities to provide value driven solutions, quickly and efficiently.

Insight and thoughtfulness

Our people make it all happen. To make a project viable, we formulate cross-functional teams compromising of account managers, designers, purchasers, manufacturing engineers and customers service support.

Experience with energy

The philosophy of Boston Group is to generate true value for our customers. We take time to understand your goals and objectives and apply our extensive experience to create configurable and scalable solutions for your environment.

Challenge us... At Boston Group, we love a good challenge. We strive to learn and push boundaries, so give us your toughest problem and we’ll come up with a solution that meets your needs and budget.