Boston Group


Back-of-House Heavy Duty Impact Protection


The heavy-duty “Back-of-House” impact protection rail is strong, durable and 100% recyclable. The high profile protects your assets from heavy traffic.

Box Rail

  • Durable Protection with Easy Access.
  • Bolt Down 1/2″ Thick Steel Base.
  • Tapered Ends.
  • Galvanized Rails that do not rust.
  • Flush on Aisle Side.
  • Heavy Duty Gauge Steel.
  • Rail Height 7″.
  • Installed with Concrete Bolts.
  • Removable Rails.

Back of House - EMEA only

  • Galvanized 150 x 50 mm metal tube with legs, corners and ends
  • Center impact height: 130 mm
  • Sections or continuous rail installation
  • Comes in standard lengths as well as custom bend assemblies

Dock Door Protector

  • Overhead door protection when gate is down and door track protection when the gate is up.
  • Yellow powder coated finish.
  • Secures with concrete bolts.
  • Fits between overhead doors that are close in proximity to each other.
  • 1/2 inch thick plate and schedule 40 steel construction.
  • Saves on costly repairs.
  • 36inch by 4 inch square.

Pallet Rack Protection

Vast color options

100% Recyclable