Boston Group


Stainless Steel Floor Mounted Corner Guards


For your highest traffic areas, Boston makes a complete line of brush-finished stainless steel corner guards that can withstand impact up to 1,800 kg! They’ll protect your corners from the daily assault of shopping carts, electric floor scrubbers, and even pallet jacks.


  • Easily to install
  • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel for durable, rust-free service
  • Half Round with Posts remove quickly for easy cleaning
  • Finished by rounding, de-burring and polishing of edges with a long-lasting horizontal brush finish
  • Half Round, L-shaped & Angled styles with stand impact op to 1,800 kg (rating based on impact at 75 mm above floor level
  • All profiles available in standard and custom heights

Vast color options

100% Recyclable