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Floor Mounted Bumper System


Look around and you’ll see some of the most vulnerable areas of your store: the refrigeration and display cases, shopping cart vestibules, store fronts and sliding doors. The Boss® is a floor-mounted bumper system that protects retailers from costly damage caused by motorized floor scrubbers, pallet jacks and shopping carts.


• Material options are virgin flex or rigid vinyl (PVC).
• Manufactured with a 2” aluminum rail and a full rounded cover.
• Comes with crash-resistant flat metal end caps.
• The stainless steel carrier support allows for easy cleaning, removal or replacement.
• Stands 6.375” tall when installed to the floor receptacle.
• Comes in standard lengths of 4’, 6’, 8’ 10’ and 12’.
• Stock black and gray.
• Ships in 5-7 days depending on order size.

Vast color options

100% Recyclable