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Creative Fixture Solutions For Any Environment


Boston Group’s fixture solutions bundle a variety of materials and components to create true value. Our unique system designs can integrate metal, wood, plastic, power and lighting in a modular format that fits seamlessly into any environment. Standard or custom, Boston Group has the ability to offer the right fixture to fill any need. That’s Ingenuity Applied.

Since 1937, we have been designing and manufacturing smart and cost-effective fixtures for all sorts of commercial environments, ranging from supermarkets and pharmacies to health care facilities and production sites.

Working with the best materials and latest technologies and relying on our craftsmanship and experience, we offer a custom solution for every commercial setting. Whatever you have in in mind, we know how to make it special. With ingenuity and teamwork, we bring your ideas to life.

Design, Simulation and Prototyping

See your ideas come to life before anything is built. Our advanced simulation software allows you to view your design in isolation or within a larger environment, in any color or finish and from any angle. We can prototype anything with our meticulous metal and plastic machinery, which can produce 1 to 1,000,000,000+ high precision products. This makes product development accurate, fast and efficient.

Production & Manufacturing

Boston Group employs fully automated manufacturing cells that punch, bend, form and laser-cut to exact specifications, bridging concept to final product release. Our fully automated cells operate 24/7 and we can reduce lead times no matter how many products your project requires.

Deployment & Installation

Our expert customer service and logistics team will deploy your items when and where you need them. Boston Group’s experienced staff of engineers and product management are with you every step of the way to supervise and support a seamless installation. Our global coverage includes offices and distribution centers in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia to supply worldwide support.


  • Safe heavy-duty Male-Female connectors
  • T8 Tubes are IP65 rated
  • You can connect a minimum of 30 up to 100pcs in series, this reduces the need of power leads
  • Various fixing components available for all kinds of racking / displays to meet customer requirements for installing the T8 tubes

Ingenuity Applied

Bundling all our expertise of design, manufacturing and support in one service, we deliver turnkey solutions specifically tailored to our clients’ unique needs. Our team of experts make sure we exceed your expectations, delivering creative and robust solutions anywhere in the world.

• One-stop solution shop
• Seamless integration in all environments
• Design expertise
• Advanced manufacturing capabilities
• International presence

Certification & Compliance

Every product we make adheres to strict third party national safety standards for mechanical, electrical and environmental compliance.

We provided a fixture system that integrated electrical and mechanical features, reducing lead times from 8 to 4 weeks and consolidated multiple vendors to reduce overall costs.

We deployed interactive touch screen kiosks to 460 stores in less than 3 months, reducing the lead times from 8 to 3 weeks.

We offer standard and custom desks, carts and shelving solutions.

Let our design, engineering and manufacturing experts help invigorate your environment

Boston Group, founded in 1937, offers the very latest in design and manufacturing to turn your projects around quickly from concept to finished solutions.

Integrated Solutions Philosophy

Boston Group designs and manufactures fixtures that bundle a variety of core materials (metal, wood, plastic, power, lighting and technology) into a modular design that allows seamless integration into any environment.
Ingenuity Applied!

Cutting edge capabilities

To stay competitive, Boston Group continuously invests in its manufacturing capabilities to provide value driven solutions, quickly and efficiently.

Insight and thoughtfulness

Our people make it all happen. To make a project viable, we formulate cross-functional teams compromising of account managers, designers, purchasers, manufacturing engineers and customers service support.

Experience with energy

The philosophy of Boston Group is to generate true value for our customers. We take time to understand your goals and objectives and apply our extensive experience to create configurable and scalable solutions for your environment.

Challenge us... At Boston Group, we love a good challenge. We strive to learn and push boundaries, so give us your toughest problem and we’ll come up with a solution that meets your needs and budget.