Boston Group


Since 1937 we have helped multiple food retailers improve their environments with value added solutions. We help develop custom fixtures, supplying the most ideal power requirements and provide a complete line of impact protection products from floor matting to floor mounted bollards to all types of bumpers - protecting valuable assets from damage and improving the customer shopping experience.

Boston Bollard

Hips Rail

Ecoflex ®

Boston LED GX

Power Distribution

Ingenuity Applied in Grocery Stores

Impact protection is all about the details. Anyone can supply bollards and bumpers, but effective protection requires smart thinking and detailed planning. How do you protect your store assets from damage caused by carts and cleaners and improve the shopping experience of your customers at the same time? At Boston, we have the solution supplied with turnkey service, smooth logistics and a complete product supply.

Ingenuity Applied in commercial spaces

Providing customized solutions for commercial spaces is our specialty. We know our way around in office buildings, hotels, malls and airports, everywhere where business and people connect.

The way we work

Smart from the heart

We listen carefully to our clients’ needs, and work together from there.

Solution-focused approach

We cut to the core with restless energy, coming up with new ideas and always seeking new possibilities.

Superior Products

We guarantee the best quality, using our own design, prototype and manufacturing facilities.

Global Coverage

We work in compliance with all global safety, mechanical, electrical and environmental standards.