Boston Group

Reflex Bollard

Super Duty Flex Bollard and Plastic Covers


Super heavy duty flexible bollard used in front of house, back rooms as well as warehouse applications that protect capital assets by deflecting and stopping industrial mobile equipment from the damage they potentially cause.


  • The ultimate in Bollard protection
  • Comes with a Polyethylene plastic cover in a variety of colors
  • Inner core made of industrial strength materials for long life
  • Held down by three 5/8 inch (16 mm) concrete bolts
  • There is no exposed mounting hardware to get hung up on
  • Can be removed and refitted to another area easily
  • Will deflect and stop loads up to 22,000 pounds (9975 kg) of impact force
  • Incorporates a foam interior buffer that helps absorb impact to reduce deformation of the outside plastic cover
  • Has unidirectional impact resistant by design
  • Protects, walk-in freezer door hinges, entrance and exits to the back of house, access and egresses throughout the warehouse, pallet racking and columns at the front of the building
  • Can be combined with other asset protection rail systems to provide and impenetrable barrier to sensitive areas
  • Heavy duty design that will last for years to come

Vast color options

100% Recyclable