Boston Group

Design & Prototype

Seeing is believing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine the power of an interactive product simulation or a precision prototype.


We use advanced simulation software and prototypes to communicate ideas, capture knowledge and improve the quality of our solutions. Boston Group allows you to view your design in isolation or within a larger environment, in any color, finish from a variety of angles, before is built. With meticulous plastic and metal machinery and state-of-the-art simulation systems, we make product development accurate, fast and way more efficient.

  • Accurate, fast and more efficient product development
  • 1 to 100.000.000 high precision products
  • Advanced simulation software


Want to get an actual feel of your design? We can prototype anything with our meticulous metal and plastic machinery, which can produce 1 to 100.000.000 high precision products. This makes any product development accurate, fast, and more efficient. 

Ingenuity Applied in pharmacies and medical environments

A regional grocery retailer wanted to remodel their pharmacy department to improve upon its service levels and to create a smooth experience for both its customers and associates.